Baby & Toddler Talks: Developmental Milestones – The First Three Years

Emotional development follows a basic pattern but differs for each individual. As children develop physically and cognitively, their increased interaction with the world exposes them to new emotional challenges. Despite these individual challenges, the basic theme remains the same- we all have a built in drive toward emotional independence while maintaining a connection with other humans. Thus, the developmental task of the child is to find a way to become independent while still feeling securely connected to his/her caregivers. Although this emotional project continues throughout life, it is particularly profound during early childhood. In this workshop, we will discuss developmental milestones and activities to support your child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development from an attachment perspective.

Facilitator: Julaine Brent completed her graduate work at OISE/UT in the Human Development and Education program within the department of Applied Psychology and Human Development. Her interest in attachment began as the parent of 3 children and continued throughout her research. She is currently a research officer and project coordinator for the Assessing Language Through Play partnership project at OISE.