Baby & Toddler Talks: Fathering Right from the Start

Dads leave an indelible mark on their children and it starts right from the moment you find out that you are going to become a dad. Fatherhood Right from the Start is for those who have a baby on the way and for those whose babies have arrived recently. We will look at the roles a dad can take with his children, the adjustments that keep us on our toes as new dads, and the keys to maintaining a strong relationship with your partner/spouse. When you father right from the start you will set a foundation for a strong, vibrant relationship with your family.

Facilitator: Brian Russell is a Parent Educator with the LAMP Early Years Services in Toronto and the Provincial Coordinator of Dad Central Ontario.

  • Find out how to help your child become more open to trying new foods.
  • Learn how to avoid stress and conflict at the table.
  • Discuss simple ways to include more nutrients into your child’s diet.

Facilitator: Aviva Allen, RHN, is a Toronto Nutritionist specializing in Pregnancy, infant and child nutrition.