Baby & Toddler Talks: Toileting

Helping children move from diapers or pull-ups into underwear is a big step for both parents and children. This workshop will provide parents with the facts about toilet training young children as well as the pros and cons of different toilet training methods. In addition, parents will learn how to identify signs of readiness in their children as well as how to select an appropriate toilet training method.

Facilitator: Mary Elizabeth, or M.E. for short, is Co-Founder and Educational Director of Wholeplay. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is completing the Ph.D program in Developmental Psychology and Education with a focus on Early Learning at The University of Toronto. She has worked extensively in the field of Children’s Mental Health, specializing in the areas of early childhood development, positive parenting and healthy attachment. M.E., the primary facilitator of all Wholeplay’s classes, has provided individual and group support to thousands of parents and young children in their journeys towards optimal development and wellbeing. In addition M.E. provides Parent Consultation and Support Services to individual families and customized parenting workshops to playgroups in the community.