Baby & Toddler Talks: Your Child’s Mind: From Infancy to Preschool

Lunch & learn series designed to help parents of young children develop or enhance their parenting skills.

From birth, your baby is the recipient of much sensory information from the world. There are new sounds, sights, smells, tastes, and touches. Your child’s brain absorbs much of this information, creating new mind maps that will help with future interactions and learning environments. But what exactly is happening in that fast-developing brain? And how do the changes in your child’s brain affect his/her overall course of development?

Your child’s mind takes you into the inner workings of your child’s psychological development from infancy to toddlerhood. With a focus on cerebral (neuroanatomical), cognitive, social and emotional development, this workshop will help you understand the trajectory of changes that your child will go through during his or her first 5 years of life. You will walk away from this workshop with a broadened capacity to take your child’s perspective, and with a new set of techniques you can use during play to actively facilitate your child’s rapid development.

3 Learning Goals:

  • Understand the ways that your child’s brain changes from infancy to toddlerhood
  • Understand how your child’s cognitive and social capacities develop with these cerebral changes
  • Learn techniques of play to assist your child’s natural course of cognitive and social development

Facilitator: Hali Kil is a PhD Student in the Department of Psychology. She is studying various aspects of developmental psychology, including parent-child relationships, emotion regulation and coping, and mindful parenting.