Bullying Among Girls: A Workshop for Parents

Many parents are concerned about the high rates of bullying occurring among school-aged girls. In this session parents will hear from bullying expert, Dr. Faye Mishna. Parents will gain information on the following topics:

  • The different forms that bullying may take among girls, including cyber-bullying, physical bullying and relational bullying
  • What to do if their child is being bullied or is bullying
  • What resources are available and how to access them


Dr. Faye Mishna is Dean and Professor at the Factor Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto and is cross-appointed to the Department of Psychiatry. Faye holds the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Chair in Child and Family. Faye’s program of research is focused on bullying; cyber abuse/cyber bullying and cyber counselling; and school-based interventions for students with learning disabilities. An integral component of her research entails collaboration with community agencies and organizations. Her scholarly publications have focused on bullying, social work education and clinical practice. Prior to joining the Faculty, she was Clinical Director of a children’s mental health centre serving children and youth with learning disabilities. She is a graduate and faculty member of the Toronto Child Psychoanalytic Program. She maintains a small private practice in psychotherapy and consultation.