Elder Care: Emotional Aspects of Relocation

This is a workshop for family caregivers who are coming to the difficult realization that their elderly loved one may no longer be able to live in their current home and may have to relocate to a care facility. This can be a very difficult and emotional time for both the caregiver and the senior. In this workshop, the facilitator, Esther Goldstein, will discuss:

  • signs to look for in your loved one that may indicate that they need extra care
  • possible emotional reactions of both the senior and caregiver to the issue of relocation and/or increased care requirements
  • tips on introducing/discussing the topic of extra care/relocation
  • coping strategies for the caregiver


Esther Goldstein is a social worker and author of Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living®. She worked as a hospital social worker in the GTA for 12 years primarily with the geriatric population and now currently works full-time on her publication and the affiliated website www.senioropolis.com