LGBTQ Parenting

This workshop will lend insight into the challenges frequently faced by LGBTQ families, and provide strategies for facilitating partnerships with professionals working to support U of T families.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Discuss indicators of early learning environments that are inclusive of LGBTQ issues.
  • Access information and resources for working with programs in support of children reared in LGBTQ-headed households.
  • Gain increased insight into agencies within the U of T community and the greater Toronto area that serve to support LGBTQ families.
  • Safely share and exchange common experiences within a LGBTQ-positive space.

Facilitators: Ryan Campbell and Iyana Browne

Ryan and Iyana are supervisors at the University of Toronto Early Learning Centre. Ryan is also an MA candidate in Ryerson’s Early Childhood Studies program and has published and presented on various LGBTQ-related issues in early childhood education. Iyana is currently working on a BA in Equity Studies and Anthropology.