Life Management Series: Family-Friendly Career Planning

In this interactive session we’ll explore different ways of conceptualizing career. We’ll focus particularly on a broad definition of career that includes non-work elements of life, like family, and discuss strategies for defining and finding meaningful careers. We’ll cover job search strategies, labour market research, and self and career exploration activities.

Facilitator: Jonathan Turner is a Career Educator at the University of Toronto Career Centre. He works with all students, but primarily with graduate students and post-doctoral fellows; this includes designing and leading workshops, conducting outreach to graduate units, and meeting with students individually. Jonathan has a BA (Philosophy and History) from York University, a BSc (Physics) from the University of Waterloo, and both an MA and a PhD (History and Philosophy of Science and Technology) from the University of Toronto. Jonathan married when he was a graduate student, and is the proud father of one rambunctious toddler.

* Life Management Series is Co-Curricular Record (CCR) approved. Students who complete four workshops over two academic years, will receive Life Management Certificate and Co-Curricular Record recognition. CCR connects skills to involvement opportunities. The University has introduced the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), a new official document that helps students show employers and graduate schools the skills and competencies they have gained through their involvement on campus.