Life Management Series: Procrastination (CCR Approved)

A workshop series designed to empower students to find a better balance between being in school and caring for others.

Do you avoid school work and find that all your time is taken up with family responsibilities and other commitments? Are you behind on your readings and assignments and cramming to finish at the last minute? Do you feel a great deal of stress and anxiety about deadlines and continually put them off?

If you struggle with some of these issues, this workshop can help. Through group discussion and hands-on activities, you will learn the reasons for procrastination, identify your personal procrastination habits, and learn practical strategies to develop more effective work habits.

Participants are encouraged to bring their course schedule, course syllabi, and any day-timers or family calendars they use to the workshop.

Facilitator: Meghan Litteljohn, Academic Success Centre, University of Toronto.

* Life Management Series is Co-Curricular Record (CCR) approved and may lead to Life Management Certificate. The Series consists of interactive workshops designed to empower student parents and students with family responsibilities to find a better balance in their lives by learning key life management skills, such as: goal setting and prioritization, stress and time management, self-advocacy and communicating effectively, personal wellness and more. Students who complete four workshops over two academic years, will receive Life Management Certificate and Co-Curricular Record recognition. Co-Curricular Record is designed to help students find opportunities at U of T beyond the classroom and to have their skills and experiences captured on an official document.