Lunchtime Series For Students with Family Responsibilities

This lunchtime series consists of brief interactive sessions customized for students with family responsibilities. Students will have an opportunity to learn, share, and find support by exchanging ideas and stories in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Time Management

Where is the time to do all the things you need or want to? Find it in this hands-on workshop by learning to focus on your goals, think strategically about your time, and turn your priorities into success stories. Practical systems through which to manage your time are included.

Facilitator: Andrea Graham, a Learning Strategist with U of T’s Academic Success Centre.

Stress Management

Come and take some time to relax and breathe! We will be learning and practicing different relaxation techniques, such as a guided mindfulness meditation, yoga stretches, and have a discussion of what methods we use as student parents to help de-stress throughout a busy day.

Spirituality in Schooling

Spirituality in schooling has often been misrepresented. Either rejected as unscientific and not applicable to scholars or seen as an unwanted extension of religion in schools, students have been asked to check their spirituality at the doors of the school. This workshop will look at:

  • What is spirituality?
  • How can spirituality be a part of my own student experience?
  • How can I foster spirituality in my child’s schooling experience? Why is this important?

This workshop aims to be both a broad look at spirituality in schooling as well as giving practical ways to apply and foster spiritual living in your own life and in your child’s life.


Eric Ritskes is a graduate student in Education, writer on spirituality in education, a father of one rambunctious 2-year old girl, blogger and story teller. He lives in Toronto and enjoys the simple pleasures in life such as good espresso and the daily crossword puzzle.

Community Kitchen for Students with Family Responsibilities

The Family Care Office invites students with family responsibilities to this December session — Cooking Up the Best Possible Relationship. At this hands-on workshop, while cooking some inexpensive, quick and tasty recipes, we will discuss the necessary ingredients for the best possible relationship with your partner. Vegetarian lunch will be provided. Register

Keys to Effective Parent-Child Communication

Effective communication is an important parenting skill. Whether you are parenting a toddler or a teenager, good communication is the key to building self-esteem as well as mutual respect. This workshop will provide useful information and techniques for parents on how to use communication to strengthen their relationships with their children.

Lunchtime Session for Students Caring for Children 2 to 9 years of age

Have kids? Care for kids as if they were your own? Looking for fun & easy games and crafts for children on those days when you just need to get some reading done? In this session, we will be learning some easy craft ideas and games for kids to play on their own or with friends. Connect with other student parents and learn some simple activities to stimulate your children’s development and keep them entertained! Students and postdoctoral fellows are welcome. Vegetarian lunch served!

Staying Connected – Being a student-parent and caring for your other relationships

Looking for balance? Join other student parents as we share tips and discuss the challenges of finding a balance between school, family, and connecting with friends and loved ones. Vegetarian lunch served!

Keeping your Cool: Assertive Parenting

Temper tantrums. Whining. Endless energy. How is a parent to keep their calm and help their children develop good habits in the middle of a crazy day? We will discuss how to choose our battles and calm down when the stress of family care, school, and work is piling up. We will also talk about how we can help our children to express their emotions in healthy ways.

Career Planning for Student Parents

  • Trying to decide about the career to pursue?
  • Thinking about your next steps?
  • Exploring your career options?

Come to an informal discussion to learn how the University of Toronto Career Centre can help you to plan for the future.

Facilitator: Karen Carrel Rice, M.Ed, Career Counsellor