Mindful Discipline

In this workshop, we will explore what possibilities become available when we understand discipline not as the process of training our children to obey rules by correcting disobedience, but instead as the process of teaching them how to self-regulate. Through a framework of attachment and a focus on the importance of the parenting relationship, we will learn mindfulness practices that can build the three essential pillars of mindful discipline: acceptance and autonomy, boundaries and structure, and reconnection and repair.

Facilitator: Mari Rossi has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for parents and children since 2006, and this is her fifth year facilitating the Family Care Office’s Mindful Parenting series. She also teaches an online Mindful Parenting course at Indiana University. Mari has a degree in Psychology, with an specialization in Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health, and is currently a doctoral student in the Women and Gender Studies Institute at U of T. Between her academic pursuits and mindfulness teaching, Mari finds time for her most important work: parenting her six year-old son and eight year-old daughter.