Parenting Adult Children — What would Dr. Spock say?

Dr. Spock had much to say about toilet training, when to add solid food, and when to let our children cry. But most of the parent educators go silent after the teen years. Whether they remain in the nest, come and go, or have moved on, we remain parents to our adult children.

The goal of this session is:

  • Explore, developmentally, what is going on in the lives of our adult children
  • Examine what we can expect in our lives as this occurs, both individually and in our relationships
  • Discuss parenting strategies that are helpful
  • Discuss challenging situations and how to deal with them

Facilitator: Lynne Mitchell is a registered social worker with 25 years of experience. She conducts a private practice for individuals, couples and families and facilitates workshops both in the community and the private sector.