Parenting Bootcamp (3 Part Webinar Series): Raising Cooperative, Respectful Children

“I need help! My kids won’t listen, go to bed, eat dinner, get out the door on time or do their homework without a fuss. They dawdle, argue, have tantrums, ignore me, and fight with their siblings.”

Have you ever wondered why your child is misbehaving? Why does she refuse to eat, or put her toys away? Why does he have tantrums or whine? Understanding why your child misbehaves is an essential first step in solving the problem. We like to think of this webinar series as “Behaviour 101: a Basic Primer”, and a great place to begin your parenting education.

Week 1: Parenting Styles

  • The three basic parenting styles
  • Understanding your child’s behaviour
  • The first goal of misbehaviour — Undue Attention-Seeking and strategies to redirect it.

Week 2: Power and Revenge

  • Understanding and responding to the goals of “Power” and “Revenge”
  • Includes many strategies on “defusing” power struggles effectively
  • How to cope with hurt and anger using communication skills, as well as other essential strategies.

Week 3: Effective Encouragement

  • Understanding the discouraged child & coping with the fourth goal of misbehaviour, “Assumed Inadequacy”
  • Building Self-esteem
  • 7 Essential Parenting Principles

Facilitator: Karen Skinulis is a Certified Montessori Director and has worked extensively as a teacher and a parent educator. She is a co-author of two parenting books and one teacher’s book on classroom management.

Webinar details and technical requirements will be sent by email to all registered participants a week prior to each webinar. Please register early, space is limited! All University of Toronto students, staff, faculty and postdoctoral fellows are welcome.