Parenting with the Developmental Assets

As parents, we want to raise children who are physically, emotionally and socially healthy and resilient. We want our children to thrive. But often we wonder if we are missing something. Is there something else I should be doing as a parent?

The “Developmental Assets” framework provides parents and caregivers with actionable behaviours with proven links to healthy human development. The framework focuses on assets, not liabilities and it is relevant to all types of families in all kinds of social environments.

In this workshop we will learn about the external and internal assets, and why the assets matter to children and youth. We will collaboratively discuss the assets we are already cultivating in our families, and the ones we wish to focus on next.

Facilitator: Kevin Black is a PhD student at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, where one of his research projects involves studying the social marketing of father engagement in the “early years.” Prior to this, Kevin worked in the social service sector, including five years leading two community-based research and communications projects that promoted the importance of investing in early childhood development. He also gets to practice what he studies, since he is the father of two young daughters.