Student Financial Resources and Tips

Are you an undergraduate student parent? Strapped for money?
Every year full and part-time undergraduate student parents can apply for the Dollars for Daycare Grant. Incomplete or unclear applications often result in less funding/no funding as the committee is unable to fully evaluate your application. Join us to learn how to best fill out the Dollars for Daycare application to help pay for your childcare-related expenses (even if you are already receiving child care subsidies) and learn about additional resources to help you stretch your dollars!

We’ll also have information about the UTSU Health and Dental Plan, the Free Income Tax Clinic Service beginning in March, a 3 cent photocopying service, a Food Bank Service and the many other services that are provided by UTSU designed to help save you money. The Family Care Office will bring their wisdom and expertise to help you discover gems around the University that you might not be familiar with.