Supporting Caregivers 55+ in Toronto

In this session, Jennifer Hardy, OT Reg. (Ont.) will:

  • Discuss and provide an overview of a seniors’ mental health initiative known as “Living Life to the Full”
  • Provide information on the availability and eligibility of Living Life to the Full in Toronto for caregivers 55+, as well as some additional resources.

Facilitator: Jennifer Hardy, OT Reg. (Ont.), Program Manager, Living Life to the Full for Caregivers 55+ with the CMHA, Ontario Division. Jenny has been working at CMHA for almost 3 years in her capacity as coordinator of the Living Life to the Full program, a CBT-based mental health promotion program delivered in community settings. Jenny has worked to bring Living Life to the Full to older adults across Ontario, and is currently focused on a program roll out in Toronto with caregivers over the age of 55+. Since graduating from the University of Toronto, Jenny has spent her career working to implement community based initiatives for older adults, including a food security program, friendly visiting service, and community garden initiative.

Please note this workshop is intended for caregivers who are 55 years or older.