Understanding Flexible Work Arrangement Options (for staff only)

Are you returning from a maternity leave or taking care of young children and are thinking of a different work arrangement? Perhaps you are caring for an aging relative and realize you just don’t have enough time in the day to handle all your responsibilities. Attending this session will help staff understand:

  • The different types of flexible work arrangements that may be possible for a staff member
  • How an appropriate flexible work arrangement might be put in place (a case study example will be used)
  • How you would proceed to request a flexible work arrangement for yourself

Understanding the different flexible work arrangement options, will help you to determine if a flexible work arrangement might be possible in your current work environment, and if it might assist you deal with a current family concern.

Please note this workshop is not intended for managers or supervisors who are dealing with requests for a flexible work arrangement.

Facilitators: Teresa Scannell, Career/Work-Life Consultant; Kaye Francis, Manager, Family Care Office