UTM Parenting Workshop: Encouragement and Self-esteem

Some children navigate life with confidence and ease, while others are anxious, full of self-doubt. In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to assess the state of your child’s resilience, and gain ways to improve it.
  • Learn why not to say ‘good job’ and what to say instead.
  • Everyday tools that will help equip your child to withstand peer pressure, cliques, and bullying, while laying the groundwork for self-confidence, resilience and success.

Facilitator: Doone Estey, BA, MA. Doone is a Principal at Parenting Network Inc. and an Adlerian Parent Educator. She is in demand as an international expert on parenting, giving keynotes, school and corporate talks and media appearances at leading organizations. She recently presented at the ONSAP (Toronto), NASAP (Chicago and Philadelphia), CCC Alliance (New York City) and le club b (Toronto) conferences. Doone is a co-author of Raising Great Parents, How to be the Parent Your Kids Need You to Be.