How Your Attachment Style Affects Your Parenting Style

Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Time: 12:00 – 1:15 pm
Location: St. George campus, Koffler Student Services Centre, 214 College St., Room 313

In this workshop, parents will gain an understanding of:

  • Attachment styles (secure attachment, avoidant attachment, ambivalent attachment)
  • Discover how their attachment style with their primary caregiver influences their current parenting style.
  • Explore the impact of our attachment styles through interactive exercises
  • Gain insight into narratives around relationships we may have created that are blocking our growth.

Participants learn how they can be more aware of areas they need to work on to develop healthier relationships with their children. If one doesn’t know about their unconscious, default ways of reacting that are deeply ingrained in the psyche, there is no chance to consciously create positive change. There is a special emphasis put on practical techniques parents can try based on their attachment style in relating better to their children. In this way, the children may be more likely to develop a secure attachment style. Attachment styles and working models of relationships can change, and by changing a parent’s attachment style, their child’s attachment style can become more secure too.

Facilitator: Samantha Samuels is in her final year of the Masters of Counselling Psychology program at OISE, University of Toronto and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from York University. She has worked as a counsellor in not-for-profit and educational settings in Ontario. Through her studies in Psychology and couples/family therapy, she has researched the attachment styles and its impact on parent-child relationships in great depth. Samantha has developed and facilitated numerous workshops across the Greater Toronto Area and enjoys sharing information related to personal growth and self-development.

Registration required. University of Toronto students, staff, faculty, postdoctoral fellows and their families are welcome. Please let us know if you have any mobility challenges so we can accommodate your needs.