Family Event: Science Rendezvous 2019 at the University of Toronto

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019
Time: Multiple times, see links below
Location: Over 40 locations, please see Tri-Campus locations below

The world becomes your laboratory on Saturday, May 11 for the free, annual, all-day Science Rendezvous. Attend Science Rendezvous on the downtown Toronto campus along St. GeorgeU of T Mississauga at the Mississauga Central Library, and U of T Scarborough at the Toronto Zoo.

Science Rendezvous offers visitors of all ages and backgrounds the chance to interact with world-class researchers, witness awe-inspiring demonstrations, partake in hands-on experiments and, above all, have fun while discovering science in a whole new way.

This year come and visit with mutant flies and glowing bacteria, touch 3D printed medieval artifacts, take virtual reality tours of archeological settings, create art with math, paint pictures with acids, bases, and plant juices, view waveforms of your voice, learn about music therapy, measure your lung volume with a balloon, analyze your blood type, trick your brain with optical illusions and 3D puzzles, engage with robots, rockets, satellites, and the solar car, play student-made video games, see how a prosthetic hand works, put a ping pong ball into orbit, walk through a scale model of the solar system, take a look through a solar telescope, and much, much more!