From Cohabitation to Divorce: What You Should Know About Family Law

Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Location: Koffler Student Services Building, Room 313

Come hear an experienced family lawyer discuss the following important questions:

  • Common law relationships – what rights and obligations do you have?
  • Cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts – what’s the difference? when do you need one?
  • “I want to get married but afraid of the financial effects if we were to divorce. How do I protect myself?”
  • “I want to have kids but am afraid of a custody battle if my relationship ends. How do I protect myself?”
  • “I am separated and headed for divorce – how do I protect myself?”
  • “Will the legal fees bankrupt me?  Is there a cheaper way?”

A question and answer session will follow.

Facilitated by Ingrid van Weert, Barrister & Solicitor

Registration required. University of Toronto students, staff, faculty, and their partners are welcome. Please let us know if you have any mobility challenges so we can accommodate your needs.