Happy Parents, Happy Kids

Ann Douglas, a Canadian best-selling parenting author, provides a guide to parenting without anxiety, guilt, or feeling overwhelmed in her latest book:Happy Parents, Happy Kids.  In this presentation she will discuss:

  • Does parenting have to be this hard?
  • How to boost your enjoyment of parenthood
  • How to feel less anxious, less guilty, and less overwhelmed; and tap into the support you need

Facilitator: Ann Douglas sparks conversations that matter about parenting. She is a U of T graduate, and received her degree in History in 1985.  She is the weekend parenting columnist for CBC Radio and the creator of Canada’s bestselling series of pregnancy and parenting books, The Mother of All book series. Her most recent books are Happy Parents, Happy Kids and Parenting Through the Storm.  Please note her book Happy Parents, Happy Kids will be available for sale in the ODLC.