Children and Stress

Growing up can be stressful particularly during the pre-teen and teen ages. A certain degree of healthy stress can be good for our lives. However, too much stress can cause many physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems. With the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are affected negatively by stress. This workshop will talk about stress in general, but also the effects on children’s mental health. We will explore different ways children react to stress and how different protective factors can help them build resillience. We will conclude the workshop with strategies that adults can use to help children cope with stress and come out of the COVID-19 crisis even stronger.

Recommended for parents whose children are tweens and teens (11+ years and older).

Facilitator: Nana Gulic is an Education Doctorate student at OISE’s Social Justice Education Department. She is a Child and Youth Worker with 16 years of experience in working with youth in Canada and internationally. With youth empowerment and engagement as the guiding premise, she worked in residential group homes, community development programs, elementary schools and international organizations. Her academic and professional passions are social and emotional skill development and democratic education. Nana is also a mother to a 9-year old boy for whom she wishes to become a caring, empathic and engaged citizen.