Interfaith Harmony Week: Faith & Family Fun Day

Join us for a fun afternoon of interactive activities for students and families to explore different ways to engage in interfaith bridge-building. Interfaith work, in its most broadest sense is bringing people from diverse faiths together, making connections, and becoming a community of support for one another. What constitutes a family can mean many things, but akin to interfaith work, it is about bridging understanding and building a community of support and love. In honour of Interfaith Harmony Week, the Family Care Office and the Multi-Faith Centre are pleased to offer an afternoon dedicated to celebrating and honouring our diverse community through inclusive activities, including: friend-building exercises, plant potting, banner decorating, board games, and light snacks. Students are encouraged to drop-by on their own or with their respective family. Children of all ages are welcome.

About the Program: The Interfaith Harmony Week is a week-long program of interfaith activities that aligns with the UN’s World Interfaith Harmony Week during the first week of February. This week of engagements and learning offers an opportunity to celebrate interfaith work globally.