Life Management Series for Students – Time and Stress Management: Making it Work

This workshop is intended for student caregivers. All of us have 24-hours in a day. Balancing family care and school is challenging, but there are strategies and supports that can help. You may have heard tips and tricks but how do you put them into practice. For those that attended our March 20th Tips and Tricks Workshop on Time and Stress Management, this is a chance to put tips and tricks from last week into practice and/or share what you’ve tried and troubleshoot. For those who have not attended, that is ok! We’ll do a quick review of basic tips and tricks to get up to speed before creating some plans for practice.

Facilitator: Cristina Peter, Learning Strategist, EdD Student, Mom of 2

* Life Management Series is Co-Curricular Record (CCR) approved. Students who complete four workshops over two academic years, will receive Co-Curricular Record recognition. CCR connects skills to involvement opportunities.