Balancing Act: How to Prioritize Family Matters Post-Covid

During the pandemic, we had a break. A break from the get togethers. The birthday parties. The coffee dates. For a moment, our time was our own.

And it was nice.

Then, we slowly opened up again, and the feeling of obligation slowly creeped up. The overwhelming feeling of having too much to do in too little time. And that our time wasn’t our own – children’s activities, parental obligations, and even work commitments – everyone else was suddenly more important again.

Fear not! Balance is possible. During this workshop, we will explore how to determine what matters, how to prioritize well, and how to make decisions with confidence (and without guilt). You will walk away with a renewed sense of what matters and tools you can implement right away.

Facilitator: Tara Rhodes is a certified life and leadership coach, a speaker and an award-winning facilitator and trainer. She is dedicated to helping people gain the clarity and confidence to advocate for the life they want to live, and subsequently supporting the development of healthy habits to make that a reality. She firmly believes that life is too short to live a life that makes you unhappy, and is on a mission to help her clients take control of their lives so they can share their unique gifts with the world. A wife and mom to two lively boys, she actively practices what she preaches to maintain a healthy balance and presence in her every day.