Elder Care: The Realities of Ageing in Canada Today

Every day 1000 Canadians turn 65. More and more people are living into their 80s, 90s and 100s than were ever expected to, but every generation is having fewer children than the one before it, leaving fewer and fewer people to care for us in our increasingly long lives. Even though Canada is a wonderful country in which to live, our health care system presents its own set of ever changing problems and barriers, particularly to aging Canadians. In this session we will examine what its really like to age in Canada, and how Canadians can better prepare and plan ahead so we can age with independence, dignity and control. A range of solutions and resources are included for ongoing reference and learning. This session will benefit your clients, your family and you.

Facilitator: Karen Henderson, Independent Planning SpecialistAgeing / Long Term Care
Founder/CEO of Long Term Care Planning Network
Speaker, Educator, Writer, Consultant