Keeping our Kids Safe: A Seminar Discussing Children’s Safety

Parents and caregivers want to do the best they can to ensure that the children and youth in their care are happy and safe. This workshop is for everyone who is interested in learning the concepts of helping to keep children and youth safe from harm (including physical, sexual, emotional harm, community violence, bullying, and technology assisted abuse and violence).

Participants will be updated on:

  • the current trends in violence and abuse prevention (learning about offender grooming tactics, secrecy, what to say to kids, and how to get help);
  • the assumptions that have been made about children/youth and safety;
  • the mixed messages children/youth have received in the past (stranger danger, street proofing);
  • appropriate messages for staff, parents and caregivers to give to children and youth;
  • practical safety tips; and
  • how to talk to children and youth about personal safety,
  • how to build a positive healthy relationship with kids.

Facilitator: Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre