Connecting with Teens

Description: In this workshop, we will explore what it means to connect with our teens. Driven by fears and concerns, our good intentions often create a disconnect with our children. During this workshop, we will begin to look at our relationship through a new lens and, in turn, leave with the following:

  • a better understanding of our teen’s needs
  • an ability to listen to them in a new way
  • become their partner in this next phase of their life

Through understanding our own emotions, we will see how we can connect to them meaningfully.

Facilitator: Andrea Markusich, a mother of four, is a proud graduate of UTM. Beyond her role as a parent, she is a thriving business owner with a passion for promoting well-being. Andrea manages an online store and coaching business, specializing in the transformative power of murals, decals, and workshops. Her business can be found at