Parenting & Caregiving with The 3Es

Date: Wednesdays, June 5 & 12, 2024
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Location: The webinar link will be shared with registered participants by email prior to the session start time.

Over 2 sessions, parents/caregivers will learn about children’s social-emotional development, specifically “The 3Es of Social-Emotional Development”: emotion regulation, empathy for the self, and empathy for others. During these sessions, practical strategies for supporting children’s development and mental health will also be shared.

Dr. Ruthie Speidel and CCDMP Training Team, Centre for Child Development, Mental Health & Policy, UTM. For more information about the CCDMP, please see their website or subscribe to their new e-newsletter.

Registration Required. University of Toronto students, staff, postdoctoral fellows and faculty are welcome. Partners and family members (including chosen family members) who are co-caregivers with U of T students, staff, postdoctoral fellows and faculty are also welcome to attend. If you have any access needs to ensure your full participation in this event, please contact the Family Care Office and we will try our best to work with you and make appropriate arrangements.

Please note:
Those who register for June 5th will automatically be placed on the registration list for June 12th as well.  Participation in both sessions is recommended, however not required.  Attendees are welcome to participate in a single session if they so choose.  Attendees who attend both sessions, on June 5 & 12, may be eligible to apply for a 3Es training certificate (non-academic credit) to be provided by the CCDMP. Please contact the CCDMP directly for additional details regarding the certificate.

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