Orientation for Students with Family Responsibilities

Date: Friday, September 20, 2024
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: The Zoom link will be shared with you via email prior to the session start time

The Family Care Office (FCO) invites incoming and current students with family responsibilities to Orientation 2024!

Being a student while caring for family members can be a uniquely challenging and rewarding experience. Whether you are juggling being a student while also being a parent and/or caring for parents, siblings, or other loved ones, the FCO is here to support you. The Family Care Office Orientation for Students with Family Responsibilities offers helpful suggestions for navigating academic studies while also balancing family life and connects you to university supports and resources.

Agenda Coming Soon!

Registration required. Both incoming and returning students are encouraged to attend the FCO Orientation.

If you have any access needs to ensure your full participation in this event, please contact the Family Care Office by Thursday, September 12.