The Family Care Office can provide you with information about childcare options near the University, near your place of work and/or near where you live. To receive information for childcare centres, in-home childcare registries and caregiver registries, call 416-978-0951 or email us. We advise parents to apply for as many daycare centres as they can, as soon as possible, as they typically have long wait lists.

Childcare subsidies may be offered by municipalities to help with the cost of childcare; consider applying as soon as possible as wait lists can also be long. If you live in the City of Toronto and would like to have an idea of whether you are financially eligible and how much they would cover, please use the fee calculator on the City of Toronto website. For more information on childcare subsidy, benefits, and tax credits, please refer to the tip sheet for your area: PDF format Toronto or PDF format Outside of Toronto (Peel, York, Durham & Halton).

In the City of Toronto, if you are applying for a childcare subsidy, it is important that you file your Canadian income tax return as soon as you are able, in order to receive your Canada Revenue Agency, Notice of Assessment (NOA). Once you apply, you will be put on the wait list for a childcare fee subsidy. When the child care subsidy office contacts you, they will request a copy of the Notice of Assessment to consider your eligibility for subsidy in the City of Toronto.  If you have recently arrived in Toronto as a new immigrant or international student, you can still apply; this requirement is waived until you can file taxes in the next tax year. Apply for a Childcare Subsidy in the City of Toronto.

Learn more about Childcare Subsidies in the Region of Peel.

Please contact the Family Care Office if you have questions.

To help you consider various childcare options we offer a workshop called Choosing Child Care That Works for Your Family. This practical session introduces participants to the various forms of child care and helps them to choose the option that will best meet the needs of their family. This is a free workshop for all members of the University of Toronto community. To find out when the next session is scheduled, please refer to our event listingFinding Quality Child Care – Guide for Canadian Parents provides information for parents looking for quality child care that meets the needs of their families.

The Family Care Office can help you identify age appropriate resources and programs for children, including back-up options, schools, after-school programs, children’s programming over the summer holidays, March break, or at any other time of the year.

If you are looking for a babysitter, visit our online Babysitter Listing created to assist staff, faculty, and student parents in finding casual child care. The babysitters, who are University of Toronto students, have a wide array of training and experience with children and child care.

Childcare Spaces Available on Campus

Preschool spaces available at the following locations:

Childcare Information Video

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