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Resources for U of T employees and their dependents

Call the Employee and Family Assistance Program — LifeWorks for personal and in-depth assistance with your elder care concern.

LifeWorks has Family Support Services under which eldercare support is included.

  • Receive an immediate needs assessment and customized family resource packages.
  • Their specialists can speak directly with the elderly person as part of your needs assessment and provide information on arranging an independent provider for an in-home assessment.
  • Obtain resources pertaining to home care services, understanding long term care and other housing options, dementia care, end-of-life care, and legal referrals for Wills and Powers of Attorney.

To start, call 1-855-597-2110.

You may also register and create an online account to access the LifeWorks App or website. You will need the invite code that is emailed to you. This will give you access to additional eldercare resources.