Women’s Wellness @ Student Family Housing: Financial Literacy

Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am Location: Student Family Housing Does looking at financial statements make you anxious or confused? Join us for a session on money management strategies that will ease your worries and help you achieve your financial goals. This workshop will offer budgeting tips for families, information on government student … Read More

Financial Survival Workshop & Fair

Learn about helpful financial resources & information, including: Practical ways of budgeting and reducing spending Dealing with debt Why it is important to file your income taxes every year Tax credits, deductions, government benefits And a special booth for undergraduate student parents to fill out a Dollar for Daycare application! Guest speaker: Anne Arbour, Financial … Read More

Financial Survival Talks

Come and speak individually with various U of T staff and union staff representatives about financial assistance you can access in the university. Learn more about: UTSU Dollar for Daycare grant, student discounts, newly created GSU Awards OSAP, SGS Parenta l Grant, Extended Health & Dental benefit plans What grant committees are looking for On … Read More

Student Financial Resources and Tips

Are you an undergraduate student parent? Strapped for money? Every year full and part-time undergraduate student parents can apply for the Dollars for Daycare Grant. Incomplete or unclear applications often result in less funding/no funding as the committee is unable to fully evaluate your application. Join us to learn how to best fill out the … Read More

How not to fall through the cracks — a Single Parents’ Guide to Financial Survival

Are you a single, undergraduate student parent? Having trouble staying afloat? Do you want to learn and exchange tips about financial survival? Come to the Single Parents’ Financial Survival Workshop organized for students by students to learn about: money management and budgeting credit and debt — how to manage it and what to do when … Read More

Financial Tips for Student Parents

Are you an undergraduate full or part-time student parent? Strapped for money? Learn how to best fill out the UTSU Dollars for Daycare application to help pay for your childcare-related expenses, even if you are already receiving child care subsidies. Find out about additional UTSU services to help you stretch your dollars including the Extended Health and … Read More

Financial Survival for Student Families: Learn how to manage your money, get out debt, and use taxes to your advantage

Are you a student struggling to cover the costs of your education and living expenses? Even if your tuition fees are covered by the departmental funding, scholarships or bursaries, supporting a family in Toronto can be expensive and many students struggle to afford the costs of living during their time at the university. During this … Read More

Financial Survival for Student Families: Getting Out of Debt

By the end of this workshop, students will be able to: Learn to navigate the credit rating system. Identify specific debt management strategies and tips, including creating a realistic budget that incorporates saving for debt payment, ten rules of money management, dealing with creditors and collectors, and consumer rights. Share and discuss resources that will … Read More