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Here at the University of Toronto we believe that your family care responsibilities should never take away from your university experience. Across its three campuses the University is dedicated to supporting students with family commitments, aiding them in successfully completing their studies while caring for family members and themselves. The Family Care Office understands the uniqueness of every family situation, and so offers a peer mentorship program as well as a variety of workshops to assist you in all of your transitions while at UofT. Caring for a newborn, kids, a partner, siblings, and/or the elderly? We’re here to help.

Are you a student with family obligations? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Maria Jardim, Family Care Advisor

Are you a student with family commitments and wonder how the university can help you? Questions could be on diverse topics such as balancing your studies and family obligations, childcare, schools and other family issues. Book your appointment here to speak with a Family Care Advisor.

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New Student Parents

Our Becoming a Parent link, also found on the left, provides you with information you need as a new student parent at the university. UndergraduateGraduateLearn about leave-taking from: work, school, and/or research grants, as well as about employment insurance benefits you may be able to receive.

Strategies for Success at School

Check out Strategies for Success to gain insight as to how to find or BE a peer mentor, suggestions for academic planning, and for video tips about students just like you! Don’t forget, we’re always here to help. Contact us via FacebookTwitteremail, or in person.

International Student Families

International student families have so many things to think of as they enter into UofT campus life. Not only are you entering a new city, but a new country as well. Our International Student Families section provides information regarding pregnancy support in Ontario, childcare possibilities, public school enrolment for kids, University health coverage, and both on and off campus housing.

Each of our three campuses have great centres dedicated to international students that offer help with things like family visas, settling in, and immigration advising. Students at the St. George campus should check out the Centre for International Experience, while those who’ll be joining the University of Toronto Mississauga can stop by UTM’s International Education Centre. Soon to be a part of UofT’s Scarborough campus? Don’t pass up their International Student Centre.

Redefining Traditional: Making Higher Education Family-Friendly

Open to students across all post-secondary institutions, Redefining Traditional is an online community for student parents, their partners and supporters. This community aims to equip student parents with the tools needed to successfully navigate their multifarious roles, engage them to join a cross-institutional community of belonging, and support them by facilitating productive dialogue among advocates and change-makers. Learn more here.

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