Student Financial Aid

The University of Toronto appreciates that students with families may have atypical financial needs, especially arising from their need for child care.

Domestic undergraduate and graduate students who apply for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) will be considered for a study grant, which is available to students with children. The University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS) program intends to fill the financial gap for eligible University of Toronto full-time students who receive the maximum amount of government financial aid, but whose government funding and other assessed financial resources do not cover all assessed university costs. Domestic students receiving other provincial/territorial government financial aid are eligible to apply for UTAPS. Unfortunately, international students are not eligible for this funding.

Explore awards at U of T by visiting the Awards Explorer. Suggestion: search “single”, “children”, or “parent” under the single word search to find bursaries for student parents.

Names of some available awards that recognize students with family responsibilities:

Daniel W. Lang Childcare Bursary FundJoyce E. Denyer BursaryJune Straker Award for Single ParentsThe Rose M. Patten Fund for Emergency Grants

This is not an exhaustive list of awards available. For the most up to date information and how to apply, visit Awards Explorer.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students who are parents or caregivers should contact their College to inquire about available scholarships and bursaries. Students experiencing difficulty due to unexpected costs related to child care are encouraged to contact their financial aid counsellor at their college for assistance.

Woodsworth College has several scholarships available for sole-support parents, including the June Straker Award for Single Parents. The June Straker Award recognizes undergraduate, single parents with a minimum B average who have contributed to the success and development of students with family responsibilities. Students from all colleges who are eligible are invited to apply for the June Straker award, though Woodsworth students will be given preference.

Graduate students

Graduate students should contact their departments about financial aid options and expecting parents should review the SGS Parental Grant information. Graduate students with extenuating financial circumstances should speak to a financial counsellor with the Graduate Awards Office in the School of Graduate Studies. In the case of unexpected and unforeseeable circumstances, there are emergency grants available.

If you are a member of CUPE 3902 Unit 1, you may also be entitled to some benefits through CUPE and/or some child care financial assistance.

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