Kids & Company Information Session (Staff & Faculty)

The University of Toronto is a registered member with Kids & Company, a work-life support service for working parents and caregivers needing childcare or elder care services, including backup support programs to compliment already existing care arrangements. U of T membership provides our faculty and staff access to Kids & Company’s part-time & full — time childcare, emergency back -up childcare, nanny placement service, and elder care support services.

Attend this session for more details on the services provided by Kids & Company, to find out how to register and activate a service, and what it will cost.

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

How do I protect my kids from cyberbullying? Is “sexting” a reality for our children? What’s the deal with social networking? Are Facebook, Twitter andYouTube here to stay? How much is too much screen time? How can I learn more about the social-media world my kids are growing up in?

Social Media and the Internet do NOT have to be scary! Join us for a frank discussion about the Internet and social media’s impact on kids of all ages.

Led by Kiwi Seminars, a group that specializes in speaking to parents and students alike, this session will empower parents through knowledge and teach the real risks on the Internet while not indulging in media hype. Topics covered will includetips on how to protect ourselves, teaching our children how to be safe, how to use the World Wide Web responsibly and more.