Media & Body Image

Societal pressures on young women to look and act a certain way is increasingly affecting children at younger ages than ever before. In this workshop, you will learn about and discuss the various messages that the media sends to young girls and adolescents about body image and what it means to be a female in the 21st century. Parenting strategies for increasing communication about these messages will also be provided, along with a facilitated deconstruction activity.

Facilitator: Lina Zahreddine, BAH, M.S.W Candidate, and Parent.

Managing Flexible Work Arrangements to deal with Family Concerns (Staff Only)

Are you returning from a maternity leave or taking care of young children and are thinking of a different work arrangement? Perhaps you are caring for an aging relative and realize you just don’t have enough time in the day to handle all your responsibilities. Attending this session will help staff understand:

  • The different types of flexible work arrangements that may be possible for staff
  • How appropriate flexible work arrangements can be put in place (case study examples will be used)
  • How you would proceed to request a flexible work arrangement for yourself

Facilitators: Teresa Scannell, Career/Work-Life Consultant; Kaye Francis, Manager, FCO Office

Maternity Leave Planning (Faculty, Staff & Librarians)

Becoming a parent is one of the most monumental experiences in a person’s life. Unfortunately, children do not come with foolproof instructions!

Combining a career and family life presents special challenges. This workshop adopts a highly practical approach to preparing faculty, staff and librarians for maternity / parental / and adoption leave, and for a successful return to work. While you may attend the seminar at any point during your pregnancy or adoption process, the ideal time is about three months prior to the arrival of your child. Topics will include:

  • Forms and more forms – a guide to government maternity / parental benefits & U of T policies
  • Planning your return to work
  • Resources on campus and in the community that will make your life easier
  • Do we really need all that equipment? – a guide to baby paraphernalia
  • Helping older children and pets to adjust
  • Enjoying it all!

Mindfulness for Parents (Group)

Back by popular demand, Mari Rossi will be leading a 4-week series on Mindfulness for Parents. Each session will include a discussion and a guided meditation. Exercises to be tried at home will be offered every week. Participants are encouraged to attend all 4 sessions.

Facilitator: Mari Rossi has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for parents and children since 2006, and this is her fourth year facilitating the Family Care Office’s Mindful Parenting series. She studies Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health, as well as Women and Gender Studies, at U of T. Between her academic pursuits and mindfulness teaching, Mari finds time for her most important work: parenting her five year-old son and seven year-old daughter.


March Break Fun: Craft Fun for Kids

Bring your child(ren) to Hart House to make fun buttons and personal mini-mirrors to keep or give! Afterwards you may walk with us to Robarts Library for the opening of the Family Study Space, where students, staff, postdoctoral fellow and faculty can bring their children 12 and under. All children are to be supervised by parents/caregivers. Event co-sponsored by Hart House and the Family Care Office.