UTM Parenting Workshop: Encouragement and Self-esteem

Some children navigate life with confidence and ease, while others are anxious, full of self-doubt. In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to assess the state of your child’s resilience, and gain ways to improve it.
  • Learn why not to say ‘good job’ and what to say instead.
  • Everyday tools that will help equip your child to withstand peer pressure, cliques, and bullying, while laying the groundwork for self-confidence, resilience and success.

Facilitator: Doone Estey, BA, MA. Doone is a Principal at Parenting Network Inc. and an Adlerian Parent Educator. She is in demand as an international expert on parenting, giving keynotes, school and corporate talks and media appearances at leading organizations. She recently presented at the ONSAP (Toronto), NASAP (Chicago and Philadelphia), CCC Alliance (New York City) and le club b (Toronto) conferences. Doone is a co-author of Raising Great Parents, How to be the Parent Your Kids Need You to Be.

UTM Parenting: CYBER SAVVY Workshop

This workshop will address important information on how to reduce online risks to children and families. Topics include:

  • What are IM’s, Chat Rooms, Blogs, Spam and Viruses?
  • What is my child doing online and who is he or she talking to?
  • What strategies do online predators use to gain access to children?
  • What precautions can I take to protect my children while they are online?

Facilitator: Judy Engle, Jewish Family and Child

UTM Faculty Relocation Service Information Session (Staff Only)

All department administrative staff involved in the recruitment of tenure stream and teaching stream faculty are welcome to attend this Faculty Relocation Service (FRS) Information Session.

In this session, you will receive:

  • An overview of the services provided by the Faculty Relocation Service including how to arrange for appointments for prospective faculty
  • A description of other campus relocation services available to new faculty including Faculty Housing, Dual Career Connection, and banking services

UTM Eldercare: Understanding the Role of the CCAC

Do you have questions about community resources in the Peel region that you or your aging relative may be able to use? Join Marion Strode, Case Manager and Acting Client Services Manager for the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) for Peel as she will provide:

  • an overview of the elder care services offered through the Peel CCAC including the process for long term care placement
  • information on caregiver stress and the resources that are available in the community to help the caregiver of an aging relative

All staff and faculty are welcome to attend.

Understanding Flexible Work Arrangement Options (for staff only)

Are you returning from a maternity leave or taking care of young children and are thinking of a different work arrangement? Perhaps you are caring for an aging relative and realize you just don’t have enough time in the day to handle all your responsibilities. Attending this session will help staff understand:

  • The different types of flexible work arrangements that may be possible for a staff member
  • How an appropriate flexible work arrangement might be put in place (a case study example will be used)
  • How you would proceed to request a flexible work arrangement for yourself

Understanding the different flexible work arrangement options, will help you to determine if a flexible work arrangement might be possible in your current work environment, and if it might assist you deal with a current family concern.

Please note this workshop is not intended for managers or supervisors who are dealing with requests for a flexible work arrangement.

Facilitators: Teresa Scannell, Career/Work-Life Consultant; Kaye Francis, Manager, Family Care Office

Understanding Learning Disabilities in Children

This workshop will provide information about learning disabilities in children by addressing: what a learning disability is, common signs, assessment, and the impact of a learning disability and support services available. Participants are encouraged to send their questions or concerns to family.care@utoronto.ca ahead of time and/or to bring them to the workshop for discussion.

Facilitator: TBA

Understanding Canada’s Retirement Income System — Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security

In this session, a representative from Service Canada will provide an overview of Canada’s Pension Plan and Old Age Security. She will review eligibility requirements, the application process, and what your entitlements are. This session would be of benefit to those who may be retiring shortly or for individuals who may be caring for an aging relative who is entitled to these benefits.

By the end of this session you will understand how Canada’s retirement income system is structured, what an individual is entitled to through CPP and OAS and what you need to do to receive these benefits.

Facilitator: Fernanda Soukas, Citizen Services Specialist, Service Canada